AyCeeX - The Protege
Name of album : The Exception Genre :Hip Hop

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#TheProtege Lyrics


Forget about what's cracking I'm AyCee and I'm effing dope
They either wanna lick or send am like an envelope
I'm suffocating beats like the hook's tied to the rope
Then strangling verses they call it murder she wrote

I'm making movements with my hands call it Row boat
Cos when I write I'm on a killing spree like Raol Moat
I can rap and sing and dance call me ROBOT
Music killin machine about to terminate ya Arnold...

Swarchnegger I'm swatting haters
They've always been there, Even my last name's Mahata
The biggest issue you will ever see with a begger
Cos I'm cool with the Jude and the Jesse Abaga
They're asking M(I) who is she
I'm crazy not Loopy,
Chick yochepa thupi
Flyer than ka ngumbi
They used to call me groupie
But now I am #TheProtege
So killing this rap game here is my duty


I'm seeing all these 'made in china' fake rappers
To get on my level you will need about what... 8 ladders?
I mean you're so fake, you even have an asset number!
Been sittin on top of the world now my @$$ is numb

They asking em who's that china love chick on ur timeline
Akusilila cos I'm like a Syrian landmine!!!
My flow is so electric they call it a tramline
Yet you're flows cheaper than a call to a landline

Wether its ESCOM or NEPA I'm british gassing em!
I direct my own movies, and you are just cast in them!
I'm bringing rappers to dawn and then dusking em
My flow smoother than theirs, can you see the rust in them?

I spit harder than bedrock, yabadabadoo!
Check your hiphop catalogue, no1 can do what I can do
Eat ur rhymes quicker than a happy meal McDonald you
I'm so on top I'm getting dizzy just by lookin down on you!

I'm doubting you can do better than me or even accurate
Rapper slash singer they say that I'm a double threat
I'm squashing all these artists on some double concentrate
Juices and deuces to all those that can't even levitate

Cos I'm the one init like, And I am here to ignite
And put Malawi on the map, I'm talkin flames inflight
I heard you wanna be me cos you think we're kinda alike
So check the lyrics at the bottom if you wanna recite

See how I go hard mehn! I'm So King/
I can murder you with a bar, like Soap-ing/
Bars so sexy the British say I'm  So Peng/
Spraying on these tracks now my weave is Soaking//

Wet(wait)...Y U Mad? Why are you moping?/
Is it cos I'm  like Google and you're so-Bing?(sobbing)/
Don't be a jealous green hulk hogan/
Get off ur keyboard u jobless steve hawking


Its suspicious how my flow is ridiculously ambivalence
the innocence of you fickleness got me feeling infamous
It is so diverse I call it promiscuous
cos it effs up every beat, comes and goes on every instrument-al

I'm showing off my dental
I'm mental more than once I've been told
It's in my genes unlike yours, on rental
IMDBest it's not accidental at all