Boy Magic - Made in Malawi (Intro)
Name of album : No Excuses EP Genre :Hip Hop

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Let me keep it on a hundred I ain't scared of nothing I am ready for
anyone who's trying to start some shit
Came from the bottom started in the ghetto now we are international
and we run these streets.
I love my moves down low and my cash real fast slow money don't last
I gotta make that double all I need is one download and one mic to
keep my niggas out of trouble
That's why I grind everyday on a mission on fucking bitches and getting
That grade a we light up that grade a
Its all day sip champagne like its lemonade
Ive been dreaming about the good life, movie scenes, big stars and night
I am addicted to the currency so when you see it better halla at me
I am trying to put my country on the map and my name on the atlas
I am with the team playing soccer in the club coz money comes first
and your girl last
See I am the leader of the food chain
All black looking like the black bruce wayne
I got shot full of pain I ain't worried bout a thing ama put that
straight to my brain
I am in the club playing soccer
Scuber diving in a pool full of vodka
See youve never been seen with a guy like this
I look fly like this coz I am high like this
I am day dreaming about a benzo and all the ladies that made it to the
friend zone
Giving pipes to my ex hos
I pray I get paid with my eyes closed
Only God can judge me thats case closed

(Real recognise real my nigga
Dont use my government name unless you my real nigga X2)
(100 Made In Malawi
100 265 X2)
(Thinking Bout Money Got Too Much On My Mind Now. Gotta Get Back On My
Grind Now X2)