Frenelix - Showbiz ft Yxng Pro
Name of album : Let Me Know Genre :Afro-Pop

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Started this at a young age
Got used to being this lit
Been with the vibe from the outset
It's Like a faucet when I drip
I ain't tripping bout that nonsense
I would rather be on a concept
I can trap till the sunset
I get the party on fleek
I'm inebriated, got my demeanor gripping and compelling
I just made a wish and it worked out 11:11
Made it happen through the higher power
Guess I got that connection
Till I get mines,it's an obsession, obsession
Yeah x 5

I don't play by the rules bruh
Guess you know what it do bruh
I just made me a tune bruh
Only got power moves bruh
Watch me take it to the moon bruh
make these cap rappers rude bruh

Like everybody knows me
All I do is get the show lit
A Trend setter on a showbiz
In this shit for too long
Confidence when I walk
Give it all and I am putting all that I got
Stuck amaze when they watch
Came in small like nigger let's do it
Daily praying is how to get through us
I'm moving insane man I just had too much
Do it one time and am doing the moon walk
If it's me then that shit ain't no rumor
You know it's a Friday so I'm getting to juma
Young boy keep it low yeah I see you got phuma
She fuck with the setup 'cause my flow got sugar
Too much no we don't take no apologies
Why you keep on capping who you tryna be
Leave him dead yeah I did it all on the beat
That's the type of shit the gang gang wanna see
There's a whole lotta me inside of me
Your fucking rich or you just noticed it
Real niggers don't say let the actions speak
Put it in a song just for them to think
They outta here watch apologies
You couldn't see the pain inside of me
Made it to around 3 just to medicate
Yeah I'ma low key nigga watch your energy
Man I swear to G