Real C - Good Morning
Name of album : Who is Real C Genre :Hip Hop

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Good morning,

Time to wake up no sleep

That man breadwinning freshen up to hit the streets

Mother bird tweeting flying low to catch a feed

Not ready for the mic first of all lemme take a

Pardon my manners, this shit boring like Mondays

Hangovers , after parties , lil homies getting bodied

Pressure from the offices clients need assistance

Just like when you get erect lil homie need ass instant

Freedom at a cost that is why we have a choice

Either go and get it hard knocks or the easy

Ot chill lie and wait while somebody push your hustle like

Earning ‘em bricks yea somebody built a muscle

Reality a Hoe that is why she never loyal

Compared to fantasies that sugar-cot and get you spoiled

It’s a tale of victimized souls that lament to seek redemption

Time I beat the silence murk the verbal constipation

Good morning

[Hook] [stratch][MOD Voice]

joy comes in the morning

rise and shine in the morning

one more time good morning

joy comes in the morning

rise and shine in the morning

to the brother good morning

joy comes in the morning

rise and shine in the morning

to the sister good morning

joy comes in the morning

rise and shine in the morning

[verse 2]

That morning you feelin blessed to somebody it’s a curse just made a loss

Over a bet homie that hit me where it hurts

A ray of hope so am slinging every minute pushing business

Under pressure so am squeezing to where ever the demand is

Still in the streets ngati Tomato ndi Anyezi

Character of a creditor kugogoda mma deni

With ma niggas man we killin LARB is in the building

Contemplating and making plans homie to maximize the profits

They say if you don’t plan, you plan your ass to fail

That’s why you focus from the start short-cuts will get you in jail

Funsa funsa ma Ex-Con, there is hell in earth

For what is worth curiosity killed a cat

And that’s for real.

Men I do this rap so one day I can get a deal

It’s the skill that determines plus the audience affected

For MW rap, I aint plan on recess coz the essence is to live this life man

With no regrets good morning.


[Verse 3]

They can see you shine, they can see you grind

They can see you rhyme all the time men its all competition

Imam take whats mine I aint going down with a fight

Lyrical mission defined that you see that am starring at the top


Am so determined this eager pumping my heart like the cheetah

Charging to kill shit, this Hip-hop we bout the movement

At 15 started rhymes, Andrew built my platform, chopped it with ma niggas Amphoterics

Men I see you bro

Am so original killin flows like its solids bro to the toast men we drinking bro

We ‘em boys now we bring thr terror

Boogin’ out and partin hard its what we bout so she

Get on the flow if these inches please her yeah

Executing these rap frauds and yes we did

Cultivating this rap now harvest is rich

Waking up from this dream and face reality

Am bound to be partaking in this thing

So good luck with me

Good morning