Jahmique - Confession (Prod. Malonie)
Name of album : Confession Genre :Afrobeat

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Its over between us
You cheated i forgave you.. you cheated again
I forgave you and now agai.. im tired of you , im tired of this behavior, i loved you so very much
But i can't take it anymore.....
So its over! Yee
I said now its over aah
N its too late to say im sorry eeh to say im sorry
Ndikudziwa mzosatheka
Kukubwezani iii
Kukubwezani ii
Coz i did alote of things zosakukondweletsa iweee
Komabe umkapilira sunandilekebe inee
Nde chifukwa watopa
Ndeno wayendaa
Ukuyesa ndingaweluze no no no
No no no coz vuto siiwe siiwe siiwe
Olakwa siiwe sudali iwe eeeh
Vuto ndiine eeeya
Vuto ndiine eya vuto ndiine yaaa
Vuto ndine nde simngaweluzeeee..
Most of us we ta misstreat our partners but when they leave us
We start do regrets being judgemental say all sorts of things but we can change our ways we can do together when we still together this song is a reason to all

One innah real life...