Tanaka - Mbatata ft V.I.C, Hamjee, Tawina & Khoh Gomzy
Name of album : Mbatata Genre :Fusion

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Malawi, Malawi, Malawi

We go to Mgona Market to buy sweet potato which we like to eat
We like Sweet potato bakery (heaps of ash to bake sweet potato) at Railway in Mgona Market.

(There are diverse places and nature in Malawi)
(Everyone can spend everyone's life peacefully in Malawi)
(Peaceful country, Malawi)
We are humble and we appreciate things

You make me feel so much joy, Malawi ×3
Malawi, Malawi, Malawi

Am a Malawian by birth from Lomwe tribe I don’t regret
You see some have gone out of Malawi to stay in Kuwait
You expect Malawi to grow yet
when you grow you go abroad
Oh, God bless mother Malawi
The warm heart of Africa so friendly
Some came to Malawi and they are now settled
They are enjoying milk and honey as well as Millet and Soaked rice
Even though we don’t have mines, but we have silver and gold
We don’t have wells of oils
We surround the fire in the evening listening to folktales “Once upon a time”, now that’s the end
But our love for Malawi will never end
We have got reason to be so proud
M-Dubz on fire we shout so loud
If we want to chat, we go at the Bawo zone
When the time is up everybody at his home
All we do is entertaining the visitors
Don’t show the behaviour of a lizard basking under the sun while afraid
We have the time to dance
We have got time to chat
We have got time for friends
We kneel down and pray
We kneel down and pray
Divine you know

You make me feel so much joy, Malawi ×3
Malawi, Malawi, Malawi

When the pipe of water has gone, neighbor wanna share me some
And Carrying buckets of water is part of exercising
Even without electricity day and night
That works better because my night
Would be lighten up by the stars and the moon chilling with friends all night long

We eat nsima with Bonya(small fish)
We eat nsima with Ngumbi(termites)
Life is beautiful
which we like, life is pleasure

You make me feel so much joy, Malawi ×3
(Warm) Heart of Africa×2
You make me feel so much joy, Malawi ×3
Malawi, Malawi, Malawi, yeah