Home Grown African - Die Rich
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VERSE ONE (Classick)

Let me get it right here I feel the glory/ (I feel the glory)
Got high made a high headline now thatís another story/†
Get it?
Let me get it right here I feel the glory/
Got high made high headline now thatís another story/
Money talk and I aint even trynna listen to anybody that be talking about everybody I donít know/
Probably cut you off with your big mouth, all I want is me my people and a couple of h**s/
You ainít got nothing on me, why you come around and tell me how to remain in charge? /
You ainít even part of my team, why you come around and tell me we should be balling hard/
F**k †yíall nikkas, am down for my nikkas, no new friends thatís the motto right now/
Chilling with the people I been chilling with ever since now am about to get paid and bring in a few thouís/
RIP to my hommie Hope, see they killed you but we killing all of them/
Hayze is on them, Emi is on them, Home Grown African we killing all of them/
PUUUURAKATAPHA MMH (uhuh) , now everybody talking that blah blah blah/
I guess thatís what success does to the people around you when you really going hard/
All my haters still on their marks, never reaching their goals get it? /
Thought theyíre ready, and if theyíre ready they may never wanna f**k with the boss damn it/


Hold it down, for my clique, (Home Grown), DC mother****S where you at/
Hold it down, for my hood, (KS) Good nikka Matt K Where you at/
Hold it down, for my connects, (MZ) †L City Zomba where you at/
Hold it down, for my city (B Town) mother****s who stab in the back/


I put it down for my niggas, down for my niggas/x2
I say f**k you we gon die rich we gon die rich/x2
Homegrown 265/x2
(I say f**k you we gon die rich, we gon die rich)

VERSE TWO (Hayze Engola)

I bet time move different for a nigga with a Rolex/
Canít walk in my shoes, nigga get your own Jordan/
Sleeping dogs lie, I swear I am honest/
I drown a mahf**ker, turn a nigga to a goldfish/
Hallelujah, hallelujah/
Only gods f**k with a goddess/
Its homegrown my nigga, recognize pay homage/
I know she want the D bra, but I got her playing offense/
These niggas said they got it but I wonder where it all went/
Rest in peace Alex Bregger/x2
Forever my nigga, forever my nigga/x2
They made idols out these humans/
Got betrayed by a nigga but every niggas got his Judas/
I barely fear myself so theirs is none to fear at all/
I know they see our vision thatís why they feel our songs/
Btown nigga, Cdubs where am from/
And for all of my niggas I swear Iíll hold it down, hold it down/

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