Spyral - RIFA [Feat Toast & Exl] (Prod. NSG)
Name of album : RIFA Genre :Hip Hop

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Ooohh ohh! Yeaaah!

(Chorus - Spyral) You know I get em high like the Rifa Get em high like the Rifa You know I get em high like the Rifa Get em high like the Rifa Thatís coz Iím so high like the Rifa So high like the Rifa Thatís coz Iím so high like the Rifa

(Verse 1 - Toast) Oh yeah they Screaming Ali BUmaye Am the definition recognize boy am the man Like the Dj erybody know I sley (slay) Mayne I just work hard one day it's gone pay Ohhhh am so uplifted like am praying to Jehovah Way lethal all my homies call me Cobra Stand up guy kinda like I be a soldier Mayne ama win don't never say I never told you I wanna break bread not hearts I wanna get cheese not nuts Don't wanna work in Walmart I wanna be boss oh boss I wanna see me on top I wanna pull up drop I want a cherry to pop Just wanna be a hotspot


(Verse 2 - Spyral) Why you acting like you donít see, I be doing things that be on fleek All dee girls only act sweet, when a n*gga branded like Givenchy Yellow girls ngati nthochi, we need protection ngati pochi As real as it gets to my homies, never backing down when you cross me Matukutuku yeh kutukula nkhani, mu street puku puku ndine chi mani Mafana ozifila ma label, Versace, akuchedwa sakuyendela nthawi Ey! Iím done f*cking with inferior minds I be like tony hawks every day, im still on my grind They got this song on their ringtone Quit all the hating n*gga sing along Look at my Gz mayne they all grown Putting in work and getting that doe Well this some heat you know They never hang up when I call I never lose when I brawl Youíll never climb up when you fall


(Verse 3 - Exl) Itís funny how these n*ggas keep on faking everything (mayne its funny) You talk about you hustle hard bitch you ainít done that I rap to get paid, you rap you to get laid I count figures, you beg p*ssy n*gga shit not the same And why you running your mouth? Talking like you an adult P*ssy n*ggas riding d*cks mayne ainít that a b*tch? We donít hate on the kings, come around kiss the ring Cause I can put you on like a lot of these drake n*ggas But anyway its get my money everyway Imma make em haters talk but f*ck these n*ggas we elevate And if we talk about the rap game yíall n*ggas suck Saw you put out a hundred songs but you still suck


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