Hyphen - Zipepese
Name of album : CelebRated Genre :Hip Hop

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Verse 1

See for tonight we gonn spend it like we got it

Tonight the toyota's feeling like a bugatti

We buying out the bar, fuck balling on a budget

Chakunkhotakota tikafuna mbanje

Prince akeem, walking on flowers

Bad bitches on the arm, all of them ours

Wardrobe coordinated zotikhala

Fanzi yoti ona ikungoti matama

Step up in the club in the music stops

DJ pull it up n let it drop

Playing that eric duse, let the champagne pop

If you looking for the boys you can find us at the top

Verse 2

A whole lippa story dem blud clut pitchin him

But tonight I ain't listening

Tell the haters that they not in my vision n

So they can stop with the whining and the bitching

See they mad we buying liquor by the bottle

21 grilling and they chilling by gillatos

Table by the corner, kathu kathu ka phwando

they hungry, m'mimba phokoso ngati mikango

Shots of tequila make the gyal dem loose

Move slow on the floor, its 30 grand for the shoes

I could take one of y'all home, maybe two

And we can do whatever you like, very true

Verse 3

And we spend like we jus hit the lotto

Kuzimwaza mwaza mawa tibwezelapo

Komwe kuli bho lerolo tipezekako

Ka model pambalipa nawe kapeze kako

Ndiwenso dolo? Maybe aise

Udolo wako mfana ndiwaku secondary

Opangila ma bebi kuti akutame

You forever broke, nickname january

And we get it by any means necessary

You a fan when u near me u get excited

I guess story of the lame and unknowns

And you're still getting played like banjos