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ARTIST: CLASSICK ft JAZZ (NYOKASE) SONG: L.I.M.O.W (Living In My Own World) YEAR: 2013 RELEASED: 2014 Verse One I am, living in my own world, everything is different to me/ And what you people call abnormal is completely normal to me/ When you go ON to me you go OFF, see in my life man everything SWITCHES/ And what you people call the major success to me are just minor achievements/ Man believe this/ Iíve been there, canít do it all, cause some of that all is rubbish/ But let me not change the subject so let me get this story back to where it all started/ I was a young kid rich, got everything that I asked this for/I mean anything And even sometimes, I even got more than I asked for/and I was like whoa/ Times got rough, mum got sick, she later had stroke, I couldnít do shit/ She lost her job, we moved down south in a city ĎíBlantyreíí where probs got deep/ See I was just 15 year old taking care of his mother/ Two of my sisters married, one abroad its times like this I wished I had a father/ Too many shit on my mind, my mumís not walking and talking properly/ I got over myself figuring how to get over the problems over me/ I was stressed out, young age, Xzibit couldnít make me concentrate/ I cared less about me, mum lost focus and I was trying to make her concentrate/ Blud!! I was in hell, but I was freezing inside/ My heart turn froze this life see without me knowing it see I didnít decide/ So when you saw me not giving a shit about my appearance and girls/ I had too much shit on my mind believe .. I was living in my own world/ CHORUS (NYOKASE) Living in my Living in my world, you see, in me, you see Living in my Living in my world, you see, in me, you me Verse Two Teenage years, craziest, I wrote this in my teens though/ Got my first bang at fifteen man I swear I went in hard no dildo/ Shout out to you though, Mwayi, realest girl Iíve ever known/ And screw everybody saying negative things about you, man I wished it lasted long/ Fifteen, no weed no beer, sober man I was growing older man/ Sixteen, seventeen those years, huuh, man swear I felt older man/ I was a man at eighteen, and lucky enough I had Ďí a wife to be Ďí right beside me/ A sweet strong young lady, the only girl I trusted but her heart was empty/ She had no love, she did a stupid thing and I was stupidly to handle it stupidly/ The only girl that I loved and trusted, couldnít stay true to me/ It was all about sex and lies, payback, thatís signs, of me starting to want cheat and I cheated arguing and thatís when I love dies/ So am sorry, Mphatso, for everything I did too/ And truthfully speaking nobody wanted to lose that battle though you seemed to/ Thatís why you ran away and I started drinking, smoking weed and stuff/ Random talking, random cursing and some random Ďífucksíí/ Bless you girl, God bless you girl/ You taught me a whole of shit in my friends things and shit that I wouldnít t have known in this world/ So when you saw me not giving a shit about being wasted and herbs/ I had too much shit on my mind, believe, I was living in my own world/ CHORUS (NYOKASE) Living in my Living in my world, you see, in me, you see Living in my Living in my world, you see, in me, you me BRIDGE Am not proud of my world, I swear it sucks/ Cause one is only happy if you donít give a fuck/ And lately, man Iíve been giving a damn/ Just to get back up in your world again/ OUTRO Excuse after excuse after mistake/ But whatís an excuse after mistake itís just a statement/ Man whatís done is done, from it a lot Iíve learned/ I donít deserve this hell though I let it burn/ #classickwednesdaylyrics

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