Malinga - Real Badman (Prod. Dj Sley)
Name of album : Real Badman Genre :Dancehall

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A we govern the streets dawg
You know how di ting go Dawg (el gringo)
Guess wah!
Yeah me come from a badman place
Wah dem call me? REAL BADMAN
Me nuh bow fi no hype and fame
Wah dem Call me? REAL BADMAN
when me step inna di streets everyday
Di gyal dem say “HI REAL BADMAN”
Me nuh bow fi no hype and fame (sley guess wah?) REAL BADMAN
yeah me come from a Gangsta’s place
You don’t wanna mess with me/
Man A’ top player none A’ unuh can dribble with the “Messi” in Me/
Your girl say she likes me yeah
She get caught by the nets in me/
She cyaa handle di mess in me/
From you diss me A’ RIP/
Verse One ——————————————————
Man A Bad dawg, PitBull/
We nuh give F***+ unuh Rep which crew/
I am a Don, in my Bloodclat town girls stick by me like Glue/
Say him bad? Him just Cheat himself/
When di dawgs Run Road him start piss himself/
Trick who? Di bwoy did A’ trick himself/
Cheat himself my Dogs will lick him First/
We just chill pon me block/
A’ bare good vibes we A’ build pon me block/
You snitch you’ll get killed pon me block/
You coulda Big like di Hulk you’ll kneel pon me block/
I’m so dope my Nigga/
di ting buss you black like Board my Nigga/
See di chain Round me neck? That’s Gold my Nigga/
From the streets but we nuh dead broke my Nigga/