Jabs - Melodie Sweet ft Sinikiwe
Name of album : Foreplay (My journey through time) Genre :Hip Hop

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Yo, I wanna love you like, I wanna treat you like (Humming by Sinikiwe in the background)
Nah meen? (Sinikiwe responds, yeah!!!), yeah?! Alright
Yo! I wanna love you like,Yo! I wanna treat you like.
Come Close, lemme talk to you Shawty.
Verse 1
It’s a breathtaking fantasy, the way you caught up with my eyes like reality
One look we felt connected like telepathy, kinda hard to ignore this feeling than just let it be
So shawty won’t you let it be? Let it flow in your mind spontaneously
Into your heart let it sink and then it will set you free, coz that’s the feeling that I get when you are next to me
Laying on my chest with the smell of your finnesse bringing back sweet old memories
Don’t you worry about the rest coz nothing compares to your love and it’s plain to see
That if two, are ever one baby gurl we are, blessed under the sun, you are my superstar
Like words to a poet in my mind you keep flowing
On and on until the break of dawn, C’mon!
Could this be? What I think it is.
Not some fantasy, when I look at you, I think
Oh my, oh my!
Phone tone Jabs(I wanna love you until the end of the tym, while the sun stills shines, see this thing is divine)
Oh my, oh my!
(I wanna love you right until the end of the tym, until the end of the tym!)
All I ever dreamt of has materialised.
Verse 2
Out of all numbers girl you are the one
Narrator to the story that has just begun
I will write it out,you’ll be the muse to my poetry
I composed a piece, I will let you sing like floetry
Now don’t it sound so heavenly?
Coz when you talk it’s just like when ‘em mermaids sing
Murmuring sweet nothings, peace and harmony, 
Joy, trust and other good things this life could bring
Yeah, you got it all girl
Chocolate lady, you put some sugar in your walk girl
Your eyelashes that blush when you talk girl
You got me finning for more, I can’t let  go girl
Let’s take a stroll to your soul 
And then we go to where I’ve been so you know where we are going
Like a, race with no finish line, baby we keep going
On and on until the break of dawn, C’mon!