Desert Igwe - She Dey Be
Name of album : She Dey Be Genre :Afro-Pop

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She dey be( *3)
This girl is on fire (oooooh)
From her head to her heals/ to her heals
This girl is on fire (oooooh)
(Adjei she be hot oh)


Hotty need a fire man// Who go quench her fire,( men)
She in love with a rasta man who blow her mind like a taliban
Ini mini miney mo whats it gona be
Kill a bird with two stones come get with me
Girl if u diss me bad tragedy 
But girl u for know satisfaction guaranteed 
Gimme a little bit of loving girl
U be the one me adoring girl
Ina di bed we a spoil it girl
Me bend your back like a turtle girl


Drinks on me , me santa
Girla fair light skinned like fanta
Me agenda her ting me fi enter
Den me mash it up like a blender
Pumpum me mission
Make I do a bad man incision
Cook  it up in di kitchen
When it come chop it up like –
Every time me cum me under yah
Girl me give u a loving seminar
Me got stamina
Out of the rest girl me stay flyer
If its loving that u wanting
Come make me teach you the thing
Girl don’t play with the thing
If it come out u afi ----di ting



Baby I be fire man// Who go quench your fire,( men)

Shorty im that rasta man who blow your mind like a taliban


Hear me voice upon stereo

Girl me a feel you get with the flow

Announce say me love you upon radio

Me wood stay thicker than curio

Intentionally me a rock your body

Like p-square know me personally

Me down on my knees girl give it to me

Internationally all the ladies love me