Jazmin - My Heart Lied
Name of album : My Heart Lied Genre :RnB

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(Verse 1) Ha Oh oh You said he's nice that everything's gonna be alright You said he's funny that he's gonna make me so happy You said he's kind that he's gonna love me so much But until today all I ever felt was pain (Chorus) Oh I can't believe My heart lied to me my heart lied to me x2 You lied to me (Verse 2) You said he's different that he's never gonna liv my side You said he's awesome that he's gonna make me so proud You said he's the one that he's gonna love me to the end But until this moment, all I ever felt was pain (Chorus) (Bridge) Oh I still feel the pain throwing inside of me Oh I wish that this pain could slowly fade away x2 (Chorus)

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