Home Grown African - Can You Hear ft Sainty
Name of album : Profile Genre :Hip Hop

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Chorus: Sainty

So tell me can you hear now? x3
Tell me can you
Cause you’re all we got. x4
So tell me can you
So tell me can you hear now?
So tell me can you
Tell me can you
Cause you’re all we got

Verse 1: Hayze Engola

I am blood money, I am Hastings
I am dead soldiers, I am their sins
I am their forefathers, I see things
I am religion, I am your teachings
I am that holy water that Jesus walked, that Moses split
I am that secret society that don’t exist
I am that poor kid, I am that rich one
I am that Muslim, I am that Christian
I am a guerilla, I am a killer
I am on that slave ship, I am that NIGGA!!!!!!!!
I am that diamond in the rough, I am the rich people that wear it
I am that poor man that digs it, I am that blind man with a vision
I am that leader that is greedy, I am his people that are needy
I am that human that’s in traffic , see I wonder why they sell me
I am that prophet that’s on tv, the one that sells you miracles
They never taught me math, but name a problem that I couldn’t solve
I am that AK, I am that rifle
I am the Quran, I am the bible
I am a king… I am your every title


Verse 2: Classick

I am all about survival, I don’t believe in God, I don’t believe in ya’ll, and I don’t believe the bible
Ama shoot to rise, kill to survive, this dirty tribal, these bloody tribal civil wars,
Ama kill the rival of course
That’s not me talking that was the mind state of a little boy in Sierra Leone, with a gun in his hand
Of a mind state of a little boy in Ivory Coast who never had fam
They killed his fam, now  he’s in a gang and he takes the gang as his fam
And he takes the gang, goes to the clan which killed his fam and its Bang!
They killed the whole clan, apart from two little boys who did escape
History repeats itself, what do you expect?
Peace? I doubt it, that’s why its Africans on Africans on the news
Politicians and religions don’t want to lose
Why the hell did they kill Lucky Dube? killing our talent
Oscar killed his girl, screwed up his image and his own talent
Where the hell are we going? What really went wrong?
You want change in the mother land? Start with the man in the mirror and sing this song (gone)

Chorus: Sainty