Home Grown African - This Is Africa
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Verse 1 (Classick)

This is Africa
See you never make it here unless you’re man enough
Say that you’re the king of the jungle, we got the people that kill the real king of the jungle now that’s a man that’s tough
We going hard and hard on these rap beats, Shaka Zulu all you amateurs
Flex drop bombs and we throw spears see the game was in love with you now the game got you broken hearted aaah

(Hayze Engola)

You know what they say, home is where the heart is
This is Africa, and this is where God lives
Tell them not to worry, tell them that I got it, tell them that they should put it all on me
This is home grown we the best that they’ve heard and the best that they ever gon’ see


I am African born, proud to be what I am I tell you now
I am repping Home Grown African I won’t let you down I say
Am focus, I never -won’t let you down
Am focus, know where am coming from where am going now...this is


(Hayze Engola)

T.I.A x6
This is Africa x4

Verse 2

Hayze: Warm heart we on fire
Classick: Tell them other people 2 6 5 on fire
Hayze: Stick and stones no lighter
Classick: Everybody knows we about to take the game and put it higher
Hayze: No worry in safaris
Classick: I don’t know about you, but it’s good to be home
Hayze: I’m by the beach where it’s sunny
Classick: Pretty girls on the beach I can’t ask for more
Hayze: Rolling in a one ten
Classick: Caterpillar boots
Hayze: Mzika wear on
Classick: You know how we do always on the move
Hayze: Gotta get that money
Classick: I want some more
Hayze: Uhhuh
Classick: Can’t get enough of African dho
Hayze: ooohooohoohoohohh

Chorus (Hayze Engola)

T.I.A x6
This is Africa x4
Welcome Home, Welcome Home x6