Slessor - State Of Affairs (Prod. Justus Divine)
Name of album : State Of Affairs Genre :Hip Hop

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The whole country ain't moving since 2019/ went to the polls and now it's colder than it may seem/ demonstrations everyday this is extreme/ it's not conducive for a young'n tryna chase dreams/
i wish i went into the mind of kamuzu and bingu/ I really wonder what I'd find there's a number of issues/ that need some clarity/ as i look at the gravity/ of this level of sanity/ all I'm seeing is anarchy/ The three arms of government at war with each other/ human rights organizations standing up for the brothers/ or so they say, or maybe they just looking for butter?/ they all claim that they represent the one's in the gutter/ but well, it's hard to tell when there's power involved/ the opposition, ruling parties man they never resolved/ all there differences I think that's where they're missing it/ the goal should be the common man/ who doesn't care about the politics but making grands/ to the feed fam/ so understand/ what they demand/ or else the plane will fail to land/ we gon keep moving around in a number of circles/ the same challenge, same problems same number of hurdles/ power outages are the order of the day now/ is it Escom or our leaders? Who's to blame now/ Corona virus is affecting the economy/ they laying off people now employers are the enemy/ Politicians say they're giving us the remedy/ but once they get to power they forget us, you remember me?/ We went to school to get degrees and get a better future/ but most of us are still at home looking like some losers/ full of frustration, we just drinking every chance we get/ when we get the jobs all they do is pay us cents/ They call it internship with no confirmation/ they tell you build your CV, build ur reputation/everywhere we go we searching for some validation/ so what's a man to do In this kind of situation?/ Most of us artists ain't getting paid from music/ so we broke, to our fans its sort of, kind of confusing/ coz they look at us as role models/ but they see us in these clubs drinking cheap bottles/ I don't really blame them coz they probably broke too/ man we spend all of this money on this music we do/ ooh/ at least buy my album when it drops/ so I can buy clothes, Jordans and a watch/ otherwise Ain't nothing Gon change/ so when u see me in the streets don't be looking at me like it's strange/ It's Slessor!