Boy Magic - Zandigongola
Name of album : No Excuses EP Genre :Hip Hop

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Ndipase Bhawa Ndikufuna Ndiyake
Ndipase Kind Ndikufuna Ndibande
Ndipase Nkazi Ndikufuna Ndi Pane
Ndipase Mogo Ndikufuna Ndisute

Verse 1
King in my city like Tony Montana
My baby so bad she shine like a diamond she look like Rihanna
Princes. Diana. Hanna. Montana
Im balling i'm balling Bafana Bafana
Riding shotgun in a caravan
Caracara on and a group of chicks that just want to have fun coz they can
Roll up like jamaicans kukoka paa ngati legeni
Twenty grams of maryjane greygoose in my mainbrain
Got a pocket full of money ina room full of honeys I worried about a damn thing
Mixing remy with hennessy, 100 grand for emergency
Ive been a real nigga ever since the genesis
If you cant relate get the fuk out of the premises
Mo frie mo fire mo fire light up one for blantyre blantyre blantyre uh huh
Versace my outfits. Frank Lucas the way I run the streets
Money mathematics making a milll bon apetite


Verse 2
Dope like I am fresh out of mexico smoking on chemicals
Drinking and driving a vehicle I am a miracle
Heavenly sent but I land in the ghetto
All dressed in white like that chick I hit about a week ago about a week ago?
I told her take your clothes off now show off now take my clothes off
now put the lights off
Now lets make it work no days off no days off
Smoking and drinking and counting my digits
Time is money I got a pocket full of minutes