Genii Blakk - Ayi (feat El Mind)
Name of album : The Music Man Genre :Hip Hop

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These niggas aint killing the gamefg

These niggas aint killing the game

We tell em AYI

Why they always gotta sound the same?

Why they always wanna sound the same?

We tell em AYI

K odi amamenya bho awa?

Kodi amamenya bho awa? AYI

Nyimbo zawo ndi zabho awa?

Nyimbo zawo ndi zabho awa? AYI

Verse 1

(Whoís that?)

Mr. Genii, class of my own like a millionaire

I do it cuz I can and I really donít care

If they hating on my shine like the Prince of Bel Air

Standing so high like am living upstairs

Never fear for I have been here well aware (WOZA)

I got the game on my back though

Some of yaíll aint shit like closed assholes

Itís no subliminal every line is true

They say am underground like this landmine never blew

Iím like itís funny how you know me but Iíve never heard of you

Mfana ofewa ngati thumba la manure

Its no comparison weíre never the same

I got game like Cash Money but Iíll never be lame

Iíve got the fire in my heart so you can feel this Pro-Pain

Dropping dope lines like am sniffing CocainÖ.


Verse 2

(Mr Mind)

Mr. Mind, Iím doing mine money on my mind

Coming up in the world am stepping up my grind

Stepping up my game leaving lame niggas behind

Ine ndine all about me, one of a kind

You aint killing the game man you just playing

You claiming that youíre real but your flowís wack and plain

I donít complain Iíll make it rain like Iím Mister Wayne

Am out of my pain get off my lane before I inflict the burn

Mukuti chani mafana mulibe nkhani

You doing Hip Hop with no direction olo mbali

Got my dreams on a higher note, dreams of Ferrari

Am ahead of yaíll, you ought to keep up? Better hurry

Coming up with a sick flow

Mess around man Iím feení to blow

Styleís high like am doing dope

Head high focus on the top

My head high focus to the topÖ.



They say they got a sick flow, Dolo ndi ndani? (Dolo ndi ndani)

But they sound Disco, Dolo ndi ndani? (Dolo ndi ndani)

We independent in this rap shit nigga, Dolo ndi Ndani? (Dolo Ndi Ndani)

Why these rappers wanna start shit nigga, Dolo ndi ndani? (Dolo ndi ndani)

Verse 3

Busy copycatting my lines and tryna mess with my dimes

Am truly one of a kind like me and you wouldnít rhyme

That rhyme spitting machinery lyrically Iím designed

To be rough ragged and raw, thatís making rappers resign

They saying they back upon it but faking

They busy playing when me and El will be slaying the gameÖ.

El MindÖ

Am the baddest in the game you just fronting and you lame

You claiming you real, we know youíre not youíre far from the gameÖ