Malinga - I L.O.V.E You ft Sangie
Name of album : I Love You Genre :Dancehall

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yo yo yow
(Sangie)- Pills and portions our love in motion
Malinga, Sangie yuh know
(Malinga) Pills & Portions, we love deep like de ocean,
ey, produced by Dj Sley ey ey ey
(Malinga) Me love you my pretty likkle Empress
Jah know seh me need you
woman you leave rudebwoiy speechless
because you de realest
(Sangie) please boy tell me you mean it
feel like am day-dreaming
with you I wanna spend every minute
true love I can feel it
Boy I L.O.V.E You
(Malinga) Girl I L.O.V.E you too
(Sangie) Me say Boy I L.O.V.E You
Me love you me love you me love you love you bwoiy
[verse one]
(Malinga) you are de prettiest thing me eyes never seen
me ready go Ah hell if love is a sin
put a ring pun your finger you know wah me mean
introduce you to my mom and me next of kin
on you me coulda spend every coin gyal
(Sangie) Me waan you be my bwoiy
(Malinga) inna me sky ah you fi be my star gyal,(choe!) 
buss ah whine gyal
[verse two]
(Malinga) fraam me say, everytime you gone girl you I miss
you are so beautiful your skin so brown like Chriss
yeh everytime we touch you make me fly like Kiss
girl you make di starbwoiy collaps like kips
Lord God, she too good for me
(Sangie) He is a badman but he stays true to me
(Malinga) mmmh the tings that she do for me
(Sangie) Feel so sweet when ever your body next to me
[Chorus x 2]